Category Of Business Semiconductor Equipment
  President Jang, Il-Sun
Company Email
Established 1955/06/10
Capital(Mil) 17,071
Employees(persons) 107
Annual Sales '09(Mil) : 28,465
'10(Mil) : 63,921
'11(Mil) : 44,400 (E)
Annual Exports '09(Mil) : 12,551
'10(Mil) : 46,185
'11(Mil) : 24,000 (E)
Major Products Memory & Logic Burn-In Tester,
Memory & Logic Burn-In Board, Hi-Fix Board,
Wafer Test Board
Development Products System LSI Tester,Momory Tester
Company History Jun, 2008 Completion of new Cheonan factory.
Nov, 2007 Received 50million dollars Top Exporter prize at the 44th Trade Day
Jun, 2006 Selected World Class Product of Korea

Feb, 2006 Received The Minister’s prize from the ministry of commerce, industry and energy
at the Electronic Export - 100 billion dollars Achievement Anniversary
Nov, 2005 Received 20 million dollars Top Exporter prize at the 38th Trade Day
Sep, 2005 Received The Prime Minister prize at the 1th Korea Semiconductor Technology Award
Feb, 2003 Established of DI Japan Corp.
Jul, 1996 Listed in Korea Stock Market
Jun, 1996 Changed the company name to DI Corp. / Proclamation of CI
Aug, 1994 Completion of the Cheonan plant
charge Jung-Hyun Park Assistant Manager /+82-2-3416-1735 /
Main Office Information
ZipCode 135-010
Address 58-6, Nonhyun-Dong, Kangnam-Gu,Seoul,Korea
Telephone +82-2-546-5501
Fax +82-2-545-5791
Factory Information
ZipCode 330-290
Address 290, Mosi-ri, Jiksan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chung-Nam Korea
Telephone 82-41-620-6010
Fax 82-41-620-6125