JMJ Korea Co., Ltd. is export specialized company in semiconductor parts, manufactureing the world's first clip for power semiconductors and exporting them all over the world. Currently, We are expanding our business to include packages for power semiconductors and automated equipment for semiconductors. It is a leading company in global semiconductor technology through joint research with various research institutes.

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JMJ Korea Co., Ltd. 是全球第一家专业生产半导体零件的公司. 主要生产Power半导体上使用的Clip,并将其出口到世界各地. 目前,我们正在扩展业务领域。 例如:Power半导体封装;以及半导体自动化设备等. 通过多年积累的经验,和与多家研究机构的联合研究,它已经成为全球半导体技术领域的领先者.

Product : Stamped/Etched reel Clip, Etched gang clip

Clip is a material that inter-connects die and lead/slug requiring for semiconductor packaging with lower cost and higher thermal and electrical conductivity than traditional Au wiring method. Although the etched clip is expensive than stamped clip, etched reel clip is generally used for some of complicated clip design or initial clip development to reduce development cost. Etched gang clip was developed to eliminate tie bar singulation process during clip attach. Gang clips are singulated during package saw singulation process which is final process for Power QFN.

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Product : Clip Tie bar cutting tool set

Faster delivery : 4 weeks
High precision tool fabrication
High quality performance
Low cost

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Product : JP-J2000

We use the screen printer or Pneumatic dispenser to dispense solder on lead frame and/or die top surface. However, we are encountering high solder paste usage/ screen clogging problem with screen printer and dot volume control problem with pneumatic dispenser. To solve all those problems encountered with existing equipment, Jet Printer adopted a piezo ejector to not only keep the dot volume constant but also improve the UPH by 3~5 times.

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Product : MCM-C2000S

Many clips from high density reel clips can be singulated and attached on lead frame per each single stroke so that we can improve UPH by 4 to 5 times over existing clip attach equipment. We can also provide high quality clip attach because cutting burr occurs upward which can eliminate electrical short to die and lead fingers. All dispensed die and clip attached units are inspection through vision inspection system which can edit 2D strip mapping system.

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