PHYCHIPS supplies RAIN RFID Reader chip, module, and antenna to major RFID companies. These RFID hardware solutions help them to achieve various applications in our life through IoT connected system.

Smart retail is one of the leading application among various RFID applicable industries. Electronic tags with RFID chips allow stores to track inventory and retailers can track which items are moved within stores (and where they are moved) by using RFID readers. This RFID system also allow retailers to track items throughout the entire supply chain, from the warehouse to the shelf in the store.

And smart retail innovations are powered (and connected) by IoT. IoT sensor embedded tag and other devices record data that is analyzed in real time (or near real time) to identify trends, predict issues before they occur, and increase customer engagement. PHYCHIPS working with the customers all over the world and support them to realize better world by RFID technology.


PHYCHIPS RED4S offers superior performance, small form factor and advantage in time-to-market.

Key Features

  • - Real-time automatic Tx leakage cancellation
  • - offers optimal matching & sensitivity
  • - Superior multi-tag reading
  • - No antenna matching required
  • - Built-in multi protocol S/W
  • - Free API
  • - User friendly developer kit
  • - Small & Cost-Effective
  • - EPC Gen2 V2
  • - Secure tag / Sensor tag
  • - IoT application ready


  • - RFID Reader(mobile, fixed, POS etc)