Power Cube Semi Co., Ltd. is a power semiconductor company specializing in energy saving and safety. It has a big strategy of differentiated business strategy and future growth business positioning. We have a detailed business strategy to reduce the cost of customers through total solution that provides parts design, outsourcing, Customize PKG and System. Through these strategies, we have contributed to the domestic and overseas power semiconductor industry by supplying our products to the emerging markets of electric power semiconductors, electric vehicles, automobile electric parts, and core parts for renewable energy.


650V 10A SiC Power Diode

Key Features : Fast switching through Zero Reverse Recovery current It has fast reverse recovery time by applying to the power system SiC diode be applied to the power system, high-frequency operation becomes possible, which leads to a fast reverse recovery time, thereby reducing passive elements

적용처 : SMPS, PFC, Motor drive, PV Inverter


650V 50A 70mΩ Si Super junction MOSFET

Key Features : Super junction MOSFET with FRD PSF50065B is Utilizing 2 Gen Charge balance technology

적용처 : SMPS, PFC, Motor drive, PV Inverter Telecom, Server Power, Bit-coin machine