RANIX is a company that designs and develops advanced non-memory semiconductor chips along with the development of rapidly changing industries.

RANIX is a company that is perpetually challenging in research and development to provide the best system semiconductors and solutions, confronted with the convergence and integration era between industries changing rapidly. We are committed to developing core technologies of autonomous vehicles and internet of things(IoT), which are national strategy projects to lead the future of a nation. Particularly, we are the only company in Korea that has V2X modem solutions, essential solution for completing the autonomous vehicle.

On the other hand, we are initiatively developing the security and authentication chip solutions to protect various hacking attacks that must be solved for the growth of the IoT industry. Prior to the development of these strategic technologies, we have already developed and customized the relevant basic technologies for more than 10 years.





The RANiX PLUTO TM RS1211 is a crypto device with authentication, confidentiality and secure data storage capabilities using the AES-128, LEA-128, and ARIA-12 encryption engines. The encryption engine is designed to defend against subchannel attacks and supports CCM (Counter with CBC MAC) block encryption mode. RS1211 supports a variety of security mechanisms to prevent leakage of important confidential information stored in the inside, and supports a security issuance function which allows a third party to safely manufacture the product.

Key Features

  • Pure Logic Implementation
  • - Low Cost, Low Power
  • 8Kbit Secure Storage
  • - 2Kbit for System, 6Kbit for Applications
  • Symmetric Crypto Engines
  • - LEA (128bit), AES (128bit), ARIA (128bit)
  • True Random Number Generator
  • - 32bit
  • Countermeasure to Power Analysis Attack
  • - SPA/DPA
  • Interface
  • - I2C (100Kbps, 400Kbps)
  • Separated Access Condition for Multi Application
  • - 6Keys
  • Unique Chip ID
  • - 7byte
  • One Time Programming Memory
  • - 64byte
  • Monotonic Counter (up to 1,048,575)
  • - 4byte×2ea
  • Power Management
  • - Active, Standby and Sleep Mode


  • - IoT Edge Devices
  • - Printer Cartridges
  • - Consumer Accessories
  • - Original Replacement Parts
  • - Medical & Diagnostic Equipment


RS2332 is a SoC platform IP product. The RS2332 platform addresses the requirements of MCU product market by providing peripheral components with a flexible bus structure. Additional IPs can easily be attached to the AHB/APB bus through the bus extension ports without extensive modifications to the core of the platform IP files.

The RS2332 processor core is designed to be the best solution of affordable and distinguished embedded systems, especially for secure MCU systems.

Key Features

  • 32bit High Performance Secure Core
  • - Bus/Data Scramble, Random Stall, SMPU
  • Flash Memory
  • - 256Kbyte
  • RAM
  • - 16Kbyte
  • Symmetric Crypto Engines
  • - TDES, AES (256bit), LEA (256bit), ARIA (256bit)
  • Asymmetric Crypto Engines
  • - RSA (2048bit), ECC (256bit)
  • Hash Engines
  • - SHA-1, SHA-2
  • True Random Number Generator
  • Countermeasure to Power Analysis Attack
  • - SPA/DPA
  • Abnormal Attack Detection Sensors
  • - Voltage, Glitch, Light, Temperature, Clock
  • Rich External Interface
  • - UART, SPI, I2C, ISO7816, CAN
  • ADC
  • - 10bit, 8channel
  • PWM
  • RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • Operation
  • - Voltage 2.7V ~ 5.5V


  • - Automotive Security
  • - Network Applications
  • - Consumer Electronics
  • - Healthcare Equipment & Networks
  • - Entry Level MCU with Tamper Protection
  • - Energy Generation & Distribution Systems