At Sigetronics, that specializes in specialized semiconductor devices by utilizing Si, SiGe, and composite semiconductors. In addition to Sensor (PD, APD, Photo TR), we have a wide range of products, including IT (Zener, TVS, Flip Chip), Si Resistor, and Jumper Chip, including Power and Foundry.


Zener diodes are used in protecting GaN LEDs from electro static discharge (ESD) zap.These devices have ESD strength of ±8kV in HBM and ±8kV(Contact) & ±15kV(Air) in IEC61000-4-2 standard. Our Zener diodes have uni-directional p-up & n-up structures with Zener voltage(Vz) of 6.5 ~ 100V and PNP bi-directional structures with Vz of -6.5/+6.5V, -14/+11, -16/+16V and -7/+14. The chip size and thickness ranges are 150x150µm2~500x500µm2 and 100~150µm2, respectively. Other custom specifications are also available on demand.

[TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors)]

TVS are used in several consumer products as smart phone, TV, PC, notebook, telecommunication systems, …etc. These devices have level 4 ESD strength in IEC61000-4-2 standard and comply with the IEC61000-4-5 standard depending on the custom specifications. Our TVS chips are packaged in several types as LLP923, SOD923, SOD323, SOD523, SOT23, SOT363 ,...etc. Especially, we have ultra-low cap TVSs having 0.5pF level capacitance that can be used in high speed HDMI interface with bandwidth up to 6GHz. Other custom specifications are also available on demand.

[Opto Sensor Devices]

Opto sensor devices are comprised of Si photo diodes (PD), photo-transistors and avalanche photodiode (APD). Our opto sensor devices are used in remotecon, opto coupler, and TOF(time of flight) modules. The PDs have p-up, n-up and p&n-up structures with chip size of 0.6mmx0.6mm2 ~ 3.0x3.0mm2. The photo transistors have chip size of 1.2x1.2mm2 ~ 3.0x3.0mm2 with current gain (HFE) of 300~2000 range. Our APDs having 1, 8 and 16 channel structures show responsivity of 55A/W with <1ns rise/fall time specification.

[Power Transistor]

Power transistors are comprised of Si power MOSFET and GaN FET. These devices are used in power generators, modulators (frequency, voltage), transmitters (smart grid) and storage (ESS) in consumer products, solar cells, electric vehicles,... etc. Our Si power MOSFETs have voltage and current ranges of 200-800V and 4~18A, respectively. GaN FETs have two kinds of operation mode as depletion-mode and enhancement-mode. For depletion-mode type FETs, voltage and current ranges are 100V and 3~40A, respectively. For enhancement-mode type FETs, voltage and current are 400V and 20A, respectively.