TRinno Technology was established in August 2008 to pursue development and commercialization of innovative power semiconductors.
TRinno Technology’s employees are mostly the experts from domestic and overseas leading companies, bringing extensive experience from the fields of power semiconductor R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and system technology. Based on such extensive experience and system, TRinno Technology has the capability to supply the optimized products and solutions tailored to the needs of customers in a stable manner and aims to develop various power semiconductor products required in low power consumption, high efficiency, energy saving home appliances, industrial equipment and eco-friendly vehicles, etc, expeditiously and efficiently to meet the needs of customers and tread a robust co-growth path.

TRinno Technology是为了追求创新的电力半导体的开发及事业化,于 2008年 8月设立的研究开发专业化企业。 TRinno Technology的主要员工由在国内外知名企业积累了功率半导体的研究开发、制造、营销及系统技术领域经验的专家组成,具备了通过流程、元件及系统级仿真的产品设计、利用国内外最新半导体生产设施的生产及通过全方位系统化进行彻底的可靠性验证程序的开发-生产-质量系统。 TRinno Technology以这些经验和系统为基础,具备着稳定供应顾客所需的最优化的产品和解决方案的能力,迅速有效地开发出低耗电、高效率的节能型家电及产业机器、环保车辆等所需的多种功率半导体产品,以满足顾客的需求、共同成长作为目标。










  • - TRinno Technology provides high performance IGBT products based on advanced FS IGBT technologies. These products enable us to offer cost-effective, reliable and high efficient solutions for various power conversion applications. The RC-IGBT technology is already proven with the own back-end facility.
  • - Induction Heating, Welder, UPS, Inverter etc.


  • - TRinno Technology provides Fast Recovery Diode products using lifetime control process as well as thin wafer processing technologies. These products enable us to offer cost-effective, reliable and robust solutions.
  • - Rectifier, Free-wheeling diode, PFC etc.


  • - TRinno Technology offers a wide variety of Planar MOSFET products ranging from 200V to 900V. Super

[IGBT Wafer]

junction MOSFETs provide highly efficient and reliable power solution in AC/DC conversion. MV trench MOSFETs ranging from 40V to 100V are automotive qualified.

  • - Adaptor, LED lighting, SMPS, PFC, etc.