Zinitix Co.,Ltd is a company specializing in System IC. Since its foundation, Zinitix has been dedicated to innovative R&D, now Zinitix mass-produces various System ICs; Touch Controller IC, AF Driver IC, Haptic Driver IC, AMOLED PMIC and Wireless Charger IC. These products of Zinitix which apply to Smart Phone, Wearable device, Tablet PC, Laptop PC, Home appliance, and Automotive, provide new value to customers and market. Through creative R&D and leading technology, Zinitix is going to be GLOBAL SYSTEM IC LEADER providing the best products and services.

ZINITIX作为专业的 System IC 企业,自成立以来通过持续不断地研发,触控IC、自动焦点驱动IC、FinTech,震动马达驱动,AMOLED PMIC和无线充电IC等多种产品在半导体领域投入应用与量产。我司产品不仅适用于智能手机、穿戴设备,平板等移动通讯工具,还可在笔记本电脑、家电以及车载用品中使用,为客户不断创造新的价值。 通过创新的研发和领先的技术,Zinitix将成为全球系统IC领导者,提供最好的产品和服务。

Zener diodes are used in protecting GaN LEDs from electro static discharge (ESD) zap.These devices have ESD strength of ±8kV in HBM and ±8kV(Contact) & ±15kV(Air) in IEC61000-4-2 standard. Our Zener diodes have uni-directional p-up & n-up structures with Zener voltage(Vz) of 6.5 ~ 100V and PNP bi-directional structures with Vz of -6.5/+6.5V, -14/+11, -16/+16V and -7/+14. The chip size and thickness ranges are 150x150µm2~500x500µm2 and 100~150µm2, respectively. Other custom specifications are also available on demand.

  • - ZT7650
  • - Touch Controller IC for Mobile application
  • - Capacitive touch screen controller (50channels, Up to 10 fingers, Etc)
  • - Mobile application(Smartphone, Tablet)
  • - ZTM630
  • - Touch Controller IC with Vibration
  • - Capacitive touch screen controller (16channels, 2 independent Key, Up to 10 fingers, Etc)
  • - Wearable application(Smartwatch, Band, Etc)

ZC5377 : Autofocus Driver IC (Closed Loop)

  • - Multi Hall closed loop driver
  • - Oscillation detect and prevention
  • - PID Gain scheduling for Fast settling
  • - Actuator Linearity Compensation
  • - Application : high-end smartphone camera

ZC5140 : Bi Direction Auto Focus IC (Open Loop)

  • - 16Kbyte EEPROM integrated
  • - Soft landing for tick noise cancellation
  • - Damping Smart Control
  • - I2C Fast Plus 1M
  • - Application : mobile camera

ZP3112 : DCDC Converter

  • - Better light load efficiency
  • - Symmetric and Asymmetric mode
  • - TDMA Noise Resistance
  • - Wider Vin range
  • - Application : wearable amoled display